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Double busbar WEGA MV switchgears

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Medium Voltage Switchgears with double busbar system type WEGA


Medium Voltage switchgears with double busbar system type WEGA 12/2S , WEGA 17/2S and WEGA 24/2S are metal-enclosed, double-unit, metal-clad, freestanding switchgears in air insulation and arc protection design. They are designed for use in AC power networks with rated voltage 12kV, 17,5kV and 24kV.

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Technical data
  WEGA 12/2S WEGA 17/2S WEGA 24/2S
Rated insulation voltage 12kV 17,5kV 24kV
Rated voltage 12kV 17,5kV 24kV
Insulation level
Surge withstand test voltage 75kV 95kV 125kV
Test voltage
1-min, 50Hz
28kV 38kV 50kV
Rated frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Rated current of bus bars 630/1250/1600/2000A 630/1250/1600/2000A 630/1250/1600/2000A
Rated continuous current of panels 630/1250/1600A 630/1250/1600A 630/1250/1600A
Peak rated current up to 80kA up to 80kA up to 80kA
Rated current 3-sec up to 31,5kA up to 31,5kA up to 31,5kA
Immunity on internal arc 31,5kA/1s 31,5kA/1s 31,5kA/1s
Immunity class on internal arc AFLR AFLR AFLR
Housing protection degree IP41 IP41 IP41
Main dimensions Width [mm] 650/630A 650/630A 800/630A
650/1250A 650/1250A 800/1250A
800/1600A 800/1600A 1000/1600A
1100/2000A 1100/2000A  
Depth [mm] 1750 1750 2250
Height [mm] 2700 2700 3000
Weight of single panel 900-1300 kg 900-1300 kg 1000-1500kg