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Container power supply stations

Our offer » Container power supply stations

Medium and Low Voltage container power supply and control stations

ELMOR S.A. produces container power supply stations for:

  • surface mining
  • exploration of oil and gas
  • drilling platforms
  • portable supply of buildings

Container power supply stations are provided for outdoor operation. They are used for power supply of technological consumers. Supply of the power station can be led from a power line and from generating sets through a cable entrance located on a side-wall.

Container power supply stations can be transported from place to place according to customer’s necessity. Whole structure of the container together with such equipment like transformer and air conditioner is assembled on a support frame. It allows for safe and not difficult loading and transport.


Container power supply station for technological installation for Brown Coal Mine Turów S.A.

stacja2 stacja3

Container power supply station for technological instalation for Brown Coal Mine Turów S.A.

Elmor S.A. is designing and making container power supply stations adapted to individual requirements of  the customers.

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Special container with distribution-control equipment for Investor from South Korea.

Sample solution of container power supply station for a drilling rig applied in PNiG NAFTA Piła:


Container power supply station for a drilling rig F200 applied in the Polish company PNiG "Nafta" Piła is provided for outdoor operation. It is used for power supply of technological consumers e.g. applied in oil and gas exploration devices.

The container contains:

  1. draw-out type panel switchgear 400/231V for technological consumers of power 75kW together with a 6-stage capacitor battery 275kVar, which can be supplied from:
  2. power line
  3. generating set
  4. switchgear 690V through a transformer of power 500kVA, 690/400/231V
  1. panel switchgear 690V for 6 motors with inverters and 3 capacitor batteries 600kVar (1 battery for 2 motors). This switchboard can be supplied from:
  2. generator no. 1 of power 1200kVA, 690V
  3. generator no. 2 of power 1200kVA, 690V
  4. transformer 1600kVA, 15/0, 69kV

This switchgear supplies a transformer 500kVA, 690/400/231V provided for supplying the switchgear 400V.

stacja7 stacja8

Connections between external consumers and switchgears inside the container - power and control ones - are realised with help of plug-in sockets located on a socket board accessible form outside. The socket board is equipped with a cable platform hidden during transportation.


On the container frame - behind a grid shield - there is a supply transformer and air conditioner.

stacja10 stacja11

Equipment submitted in the description is an example and can be adapted to individual requirements of customers.