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Exciters for turbo-generators

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Exciters for turbo-generators
Wzbudnica typu WBE6-4K Wirnik wzbudnicy WBE6-4K
Exciter type WBE6-4K Rotor for exciter type WBE6-4K

ELMOR S.A is a producer of brush-less exciters for turbo-generators of power 68÷80 MW produced by the Company ALSTOM. Production is based on documentation supplied by a Customer.

Technical characteristic

Exciter armature together with the rectifier system is assembled on a turbo-generator shaft. Thanks to such solution the excitation voltage is given directly to the winding of generator excitation without necessity to apply the slip rings.

Exciters type WBE are equipped with bearing and exciters type WBF are bearing-less.

Wirnik wzbudnicy WBE8-5G Wzbudnica typu WBE8-5G
Rotor for exciter type WBE8-5G Exciter type WBE8-5G
Technical parameters
Exciter type Rated power [kW] Rated voltage [V] Rated current [A] Rotational speed [r.p.m.] Insulation class Protection degree
WBE8-5G 563 375 1500 3600 F IP44
WBE6-4k 364 310 1175 3000 F IP44
WBF6-4k 364 310 1175 3000 F IP44